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Do You Have a Poured Concrete Foundation That Is Cracking? Our Steel Plate Technology Can Stop the Crack and Help Fix Your Foundation



One of the biggest problems with having cracks in your home’s foundation, especially if it is poured concrete, is that most repair companies try to patch up the crack with nothing more than a simply epoxy mix and some carbon fiber.

This solution seems to work well…for a week or so…

 However, the sheer pressure that caused the crack in your foundation in the first place (water and soil pressure from outside the basement, water coming in through basement windows, etc), combined with the amount of weight your home places on your foundation, will rip through any epoxy, fast.

And, the crack will spread, causing much more serious (and expensive) damage to your home. It is not uncommon for this “repair” to lead, very quickly, to extensive, expensive damages to your home’s foundation. The cracks spread, grow longer, and the entire foundation is at risk for collapse.

 North Brunswick Foundation repair

Vertical Cracks

The epoxy can do an ok-job stopping more water from entering your home for a short time, but as the ground and concrete expand and contract with changes in temperature, the crack will grow larger.


  • Our Steel Plate technology actually stops the crack from spreading by anchoring the two sides together, preventing it from getting deeper or wider.
  • We also address the problem on the outside (the reason that your foundation cracked in the first place)
  • We will place the steel plate on the outer wall of your basement/foundation, stopping the spread of cracking not only vertically, but it stops the crack from reaching the footer of your home
  • We can also underpin your footer, keeping it safe from cracks and other damages (which are extremely dangerous for your house)


 Video: Foundation Repair Using a Steel Plate:


Even if the damaged area is blocked by a porch or patio, there are ways we can fix it for you.


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