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Don’t Let Your Home’s Foundation Crack, Crumble, and Lead to Basement Flooding, Dangerous Mold Growth, and Hazardous Structural Problems

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Nothing can sink your home (literally) and your basement faster than a cracked foundation. 


Foundation cracks allow moisture and water to enter into your basement walls. This leads to:

  • Basement flooding
  • Crawl space flooding
  • Dangerous mold growth
  • Higher energy bills
  • Structural damages that can ruin your home

Unfortunately, in New Jersey, from the Oranges to Cape May, foundation problems are common. 

And more unfortunately, solutions are NOT common. 

Not effective solutions, anyway. 

Why Most Foundation Repairs Fail

Your home’s foundation supports tens of thousands of pounds. 

It also withstands an incredible amount of pressure from the soil around your home. When it rains, if your yard doesn’t drain properly, that ground swells and places pressure on your basement (foundation) walls.

The pressure causes cracking on the outside walls. 

foundation repair and basement waterproofingSoon, water slips through those cracks, then pools inside of your basement walls.

This weakens the walls, leads to cracks inside, and can cause major structural damages. 

Most contractors try a quick, cheap solution to the problem. 

They use sealants and fiberglass tapes…

Now, do you really think a strip of tape and some goop is going to stop cracks, which are being formed because of TONS of pressure, from spreading and getting worse?

Of course not…


There is a much better way…

Finished basement wall after foundation repair and basement waterproofing on this home in Cherry Hill NJ:

A customer from North Brunswick NJ reviews his experiences with our foundation repair specialists:


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