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Foundation Repair Mount Laurel NJ: We Can Help You Keep Your Basement Dry and Your Foundation Strong and Crack Free


We were recently lucky enough to be at a home show in the Mt. Laurel/Mount Holly NJ area over at Burlington County College.

It was great to meet so many home owners from the area. But, it is unfortunate that 99% of those who stopped by our booth had the same problem:


  • Cracks in their home’s foundation


Is Your Basement Foundation Damaged?

A common mistake is to assume that the cracks in your foundation or basement walls are “ok” … “not that bad” … “not serious.”

This was a common theme at the home show. But, when pressed further, they revealed more issues…do these sound familiar to you?


  • Dampness in the basement or crawl space
  • Mold in your basement (even if the mold is behind a “waterproofing paint,” it will find even the smallest pinpoint of a hole and release it’s spores to spread to the rest of your home)
  • Small cracks that spread…slowly, but surely
  • An odd smell in your basement or crawl space


These need to be fixed, ASAP.


Is It Serious?

Most home owners at the Mt. Laurel show felt that the cracks in their foundation weren’t very serious. But, the more they thought about it, the more issues that realized they had.

One, thankfully, scheduled an inspection. Their foundation was in serious need of repair…it was a few months away from the walls bowing in and destroying the foundation.


How We Can Help You Fix It

The best thing to do is to fix the problem as early as possible, before it has a chance to spread.


But, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes the problem goes unnoticed. Others the crack starts small and seems to spread and grow quickly.

No matter what the situation is, we can help:


  • We inspect your basement for Free
  • We will make sure the cracks in the foundation of your Mount Laurel home are stopped before they cause more damage
  • You’ll benefit from our Steel Plate Technology that stops cracks from growing wider and keeps your foundation strong.
  • Your basement will be kept dry for good because we fix the dangerous cracks in the outer wall of your foundation




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