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Check out what Michael Thomas had to say about his foundation repair experience with us. Michael posted this review on Google, and we are thrilled that he loved the work done on his home:

After several years of dealing with a re-cracked poured concrete basement wall, we decided to get the problem fixed once and Foundation repair in Lancaster PA reviewfor all. Our home’s builder fixed the original crack due to settling under warranty a few years after we bought the house.

The final recent event for us was a torrential rain storm in early August of this year that had me and my wife vacuuming water til 2 in the morning.

The next day I call 3 companies to come see my problem as soon as possible.

From an estimating standpoint, the Basement Waterproofing Specialist who visited our home was a complete professional.

  • He not only understood the water problem he explained the structural nature and the unique location of our crack and the detailed approach BWS would take to fix it. He had pictures, drawings, testimonials…the works… which did wonders to create confidence this company really understands what it does. He was complete and professional.

The other companies weren’t as knowledgeable about the type of crack, various materials for repairing, nor were they willing to give a long term guarantee for their work.

BWS was the best as explaining and best at scheduling though they were not the least expensive. They did, however, provide a coupon and offered a further discount for scheduling the job as quickly as possible.

That was not a problem for us as we were totally ready to have this problem fixed once and for all. The day of the repair the workman arrived as planned and attacked the repair like an invading army.

At first I thought they were a little rough around the edges as people, but once they began the process and I saw how hard they had to work to break concrete, mix and carry concrete, etc, I completely understood the look. Plus, they were very nice, they used great care to protect our property and belongings and explained every phase of the job.

They also cleaned up very well. Now here is the real joy for us.

I’ve waited nearly 2 months to review the repair to see how it would do against a big storm. We’ve had 2 since the repair. And, not a drop of water has come into the basement.

BWS provides a lifetime warranty for the repair and that is good as a selling point. But the real test is whether or not the repair solves the problem.

In our case the problem is totally solved and our peace of mind is restored knowing we can leave our home without the concern of water leaking in and ruining our finished basement and storage space.

These guys really know their business.

If you want the repair done correctly, professionally and with confidence; and you’re not trying to get away “cheap”, this is definitely the company to go with.


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