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Need to Know if Your Home’s Foundation is in Need of Repair?


Read on to separate the facts from the fiction of foundation repair…


How to repair cracks in a home’s foundation has become a hotly debated topic over the last decade or so. The Do-It-Yourself movement has lead to many homeowners in the Philadelphia area trying to solve complicated problems (like fixing cracks in the foundation that supports the weight of your entire home with a $5 tube of epoxy).


This is one project that is absolutely best left to the professionals.


When you learn the foundation repair facts, you’ll see why this is a job for a licensed pro:


1. What Causes Foundation Problems

Most foundation problems are caused by:

  • Excess water near your home
  • Poor drainage in the soil around and under your house
  • High amounts of clay in your soil (clay expands and will put pressure on the foundation and basement walls)
  • Damage to floor joists caused by water damage or termites

2. Why Are There Cracks Near the Corners of My Doors and Windows?


If you are seeing cracks around the doors or windows of your home (especially in the basement), then a foundation “pier” under your home might be breaking down.

When this happens, the piers can not support the weight of your home and the area may begin to “sink” down, causing cracks.

Foundation repair in Doylestown PA after picture

Working on repairing a foundation wall on this home in Doylestown.

This is very dangerous for your home and should be inspected by a professional ASAP.

3. How Long Does it Take for My Foundation to Fail?

Every case is different. But, in all cases, the more it rains, snows, weather changes or water problems crop up in your yard and around your home, the faster the foundation will go from having a small crack to a full failure.
It is always best to treat these problems early; it will save you money and can even save your home.

4. How Can I Fix My Foundation?

  • Do not attempt to fix the cracks on your own
  • Your foundation will stay strong and safe from damage because we will not only fix the cracks, but also fix the reason for the problem (water issues, drainage, poor soil – all will be addressed and fixed)


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