Foundation Repair Doylestown: Before and After 2

Dramatic Before and After Pictures from a Foundation Repair on a Home in Doylestown, PA

Your home’s foundation is under a lot of pressure. It supports the enormous weight of your home, plus, the immense weight of the pressure put on the walls and floor of your basement (foundation) by the dirt around your home.

In the Doylestown area, and much of Bucks county, foundation problems are common because many of the older home (especially the older farm-style homes) have two problems:


  • Stone or brick foundations (durable, but once they have problems, they can be tough to fix)
  • Drainage problems (in the yard and around the foundation)


Excess water in your yard when it rains or after a heavy snow means that your yard is overwhelmed with water. That water causes the ground to get bigger (soil expansion) and this growth puts pressure on your foundation. That stress causes cracks on the outside of the walls, in the part that is buried underground.

Those cracks let water into your foundation, basement or crawl space walls where it weakens the stone, brick or cement and then causes cracks on the inside wall. Soon after, you’ll have flooding, mold growth, a weakened foundation and dampness in your basement.


Foundation Repair Doylestown: Before and After Pictures


Foundation repairs in NJ, PA and DE

Foundation repair on this PA area home.


Foundation repair in Doylestown PA after picture

Working on repairing a foundation wall on this home in Doylestown.

As you can see in the before, there are long, vertical cracks coming down the walls of this basement.

The dark spots indicate water problems (like leaking, flooding and dampness). And, there is visual evidence of mold growth which is very dangerous to your family’s health.


The after picture shows our special Steel Plate foundation repair. The plates have tremendous strength and are able to anchor your basement wall in place to keep it from cracking further.

And, we install drainage and waterproof the inside AND outside of those walls so that they are not at risk for further water damage.


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