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Has the Harsh Winter Weather Cracked the Foundation of Your New Hope and Newtown PA Home?


Fall and Winter of 2017 have rocked the foundation, literally, of many homes in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware areas.

  • Cracks, leaks, flooding and major structural damages have spread throughout the region because of massive snow and rain falls this winter.

No style of foundation is safe. Cement, stone, poured concrete, brick, cinder block…all have been hit hard by the weather.

In areas like New Hope and Newtown, the problem has been especially bad.


In New Hope, where there is a mix of old homes with stone foundations and newer homes, made in developments, but built too close together with less-than-perfect drainage, there has been a tremendous amount of foundation issue.

  • And, New Hope being on the river doesn’t help as when all of that snow melts and the rain hits, the water table and river over flow, further contributing to the basement and foundation flooding and cracking.


In Newtown, the problem is often attributed to poor drainage systems.


  • Older homes, especially large homes, were not built to withstand much of the excess water that we have today. There were few homes back then, with few irrigation systems, and less people over all.


Now, with a bigger population and severe weather, many homes are experiencing foundation damage.

How We’ll Help Your Home:

If you live in these areas, or if you’re having these problems we can help.

  • We have a special way of fixing foundation cracking that will not only fix the problem, but it will fix the cause of the problem so that your home’s foundation stays strong forever.

  • We go beyond the use of simple “epoxy” which does very little to fix the problem.
  • Our Steel Plate system is a sure-fire way to repair the cracks and keep them from spreading.
  • Plus, we’ll ensure that the water issues that caused the cracks are dealt with quickly so your home will be safe.


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