Foundation and Basement Wall Repair Before and After

Before and After Pictures From a Home That Needed the Foundation Repaired, and the Basement Walls Rebuilt

Foundation crack

Vertical Wall Crack

As you can see, this home’s basement has severe damage. The foundation is cracked in three ways: 

Vertically: these cracks run up and down

Step Cracks: in the second picture, you can see that the crack is following the “steps” in the cinder blocks. This usually means major problems for the home’s foundation – including weakened walls that could crumble or bow-in, water and flooding issues, and dangerous mold growth

Horizontal Cracks: pictured below, these run sideways. The basement wall crack in the picture below is wide, indicating that the walls are beginning to separate. 

Horizontal Foundation Crack

Wide Horizontal Crack

After finding the problems, we began to fix the foundation and rebuild the basement walls:

  • First, we had to remove the damaged areas, then begin the re-build of the basement walls
Rebuilding foundation wall

Partially rebuilt foundation and basement wall.

Rebuilding basement wall base

Rebuilding the base of the basement walls and installing interior drainage.

After rebuilding the walls, putting in new drainage, and waterproofing the basement, here’s what that same, cracked, damaged foundation looks like now:

After Foundation Repair

After the repair: Smooth, crack-free basement wall.

After basement wall repair

Smooth, repaired foundation wall.
After the basement wall repair, the foundation and basement walls were smooth, free from cracks, and were again strong enough to keep water out of the home’s basement.


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