How a Flooded Yard Hurts Your Health and Home

3 Reasons a Flooded Yard Can Destroy Your Basement, and Your Family’ Health

Does your yard get soggy every time it rains?

Do you find yourself in near ankle-deep mud after a rain storm?

Is your basement starting to smell musty, or feel damp and dank?


Why Too Much Water in Your Yard Leads to Damage

Obviously, flooding is always bad. Any news coverage, video or pictures, will show the horrors and path of destruction that flooding brings.

But, even when it doesn’t go to the flooding stage, too much water is tough on your yard. Minor floods happen all the time,. They can often take place in the ground around your home, where you would never notice that it is happening.

Excess rain throws more water at your yard than it can handle. The ground can not absorb it, leading to a wet, soggy mess.

But, it isn’t just a problem for your lawn.

When Soil Gets Wet, It Expands

When most soil becomes water logged, it will cause an expansion. Dirt with poor drainage, like gravel and clay, is often used around homes because it is cheap to fill in when a basement or crawl space is dug for the house.

When there is too much rain, the soil holds onto that water and causes swelling.

This ground swell puts pressure on the walls of your basement and crawl space. Over time, the pressure mounts and the walls, even if they are made of brick, stone, or concrete, will give out. This leads to small cracks in the outer wall.

Cracks Lead in Your Basement or Foundation Wall Lead to Flooding

Those small cracks push water inside of your basement (and foundation or crawl space) walls. Once water is inside, it works to weaken the walls and eats away at them. Water will start to trickle inside of your basement now. Over a short period of time, that trickle becomes a flood.

Even if you simply feel dampness you can be sure that you have a water problem and it will cause foundation problems and basement flooding soon.

Dampness also leads to mold growth. Even a little bit of mold can be a huge health hazard to your family – especially small children and pets. 

How to Fix the Problem in Your Yard and Basement

Fixing the problem comes down to better drainage.

Better drainage in your yard and around your home’s foundation.

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