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Can Foundation Repair Really Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills?


The weather in the Philadelphia area has taken a turn toward the cold. The winter started off very mild, but night time temperatures have been below freezing, for the most part, all of January. And, the forecast calls for even colder temperatures to come…

This is the time that the electric companies love…we all have to heat our homes, and the winter temperatures will continue to drop. 


A lot of home owners will perform a “winter seal” their windows and doors in an effort to not lose heat. This winterization process is important, but it’s just a small part of the puzzle.

In fact, many home owners in the Delaware, Philly, and NJ areas overlook an area where a huge amount of energy (and money) is lost every winter:


  • Cracks in the Foundation and Basement


Every fall and winter, those tiny (and not so tiny cracks) suck the heat out of your home, allow cold air in, and can let in some not-so-pleasant visitors (bugs, mold, mildew, dust mites)

Most people don’t think of the crawl space or basement when it comes to energy loss. But, even the EPA recommends sealing up the

foundation, basement and crawl space in order to better heat your home and to improve

Bowing foudnation wall repair

This is an extreme example, but even small cracks or holes in your basement or crawl space walls allow heated or air conditioned air to escape your home, costing you much more on your energy bills.

the quality of air that you and your family breathe in the home. 


Why are fall and winter are the best times to address and fix foundation cracks?

The temperature in the Philadelphia area will see a great deal of change in the fall and winter. It can literally go from freezing cold at night to mild and in the 60’s the following day. 


  • These huge swings take a toll on your foundation because the soil around your home expands and contracts with the temperature
  • The cold weather will also cause the cracks (even small ones) to expand
  • This creates the growth of hazardous conditions like mold and mildew growth
  • Bigger cracks allow more warm air to escape, and more cold air inside, forcing your heater to work harder to warm the house, resulting in highly inflated electric and energy bills


Not only do you lose energy, but, mold will not get into the home. You may not even see it because often Black Mold will lay dormant through the winter, then explode into full growth in the spring. 


This activates what many people assume are “normal” spring allergies, but in reality, the mold is growing, spreading and attacking your lungs and immune system causing a host of health problems. 


This can all be easily avoided. 

If you have your foundation cracks fixed now you’ll save money on:


  • The Repair (doing it now vs. when the cracks expand even further in the spring)
  • The Mold Removal (killing mold now and preventing it from growing and spreading is much more cost efficient now vs the spring/summer)
  • Your Energy Bills (Most Philadelphia area home owners save $1000 or more per year by doing this!)


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