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Does Your PA Area Home Sit on a Poured Concrete Foundation?


Concrete foundations are very strong, but they are susceptible to several types of problems, especially if you yard or home has poor drainage. If you see a crack (vertical, step or spider cracks) in your cellar or foundation walls, you need to not only get a professional to look at the problem, but also, be sure that the deeper problem is addressed.


Isn’t it the same process to fix all types of foundations?

Actually, the solutions can be quite different. As basement expert Ken explains in the video below, repairing a poured concrete foundation must be done properly or you run the risk of actually worsening the damage…and you won’t know it till it’s too late!

Check it out…


As you can see, fixing this type of problem goes far beyond just adding apoxy and drilling holes around the crack.

But, the expansion and contraction of the soil outside of the home continues to damage the structural integrity of the home. The walls can often separate at the sight of the crack.

Stainless steel plates and pins under the footer are often used as a back up, to ensure that the water stays away and that the walls stay damage free.

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