Finished Basement Waterproofing

Do You Have a Finished Basement? Does It Get Wet, Damp, or Flooded When It Rains?


A wet, damp, dank, or flooded basement is never a good situation. But, when you’ve gone to the effort, and expense, of finishing your basement, water problems can lead to a disaster.

It doesn’t take much water to:

  • Ruin your basement walls – It can destroy drywall and cause mold growth, and it can actually crack the cement, brick or stone in your basement and foundation walls
  • Destroy Your Floor – Tile is always the best bet in a basement, but water seeping in through cracks in your basement floor can cause tile to rise, “float,” and crack.
  • Harm Your Family – Wet basements are moldy basements. Any moisture in your basement can lead to hazardous mold growth. When you finish your basement, chances are you use it as a living area. You and your family are breathing in that mold, and it’s poisonous spores, every time you are in the basement. Remember, mold has been show to be potentially lethal to children, pets, and the elderly.

Finished Basement Waterproofing in Wilmington DE

Check out this quick video from a finished basement waterproofing we did for a home owner in Wilmington. The house had a beautiful remodeled basement with a bathroom and living area, but water was getting inside the basement and causing damage anytime it rained.

And, when big rain storms hit, the cellar would flood with a few inches of water.

Here’s how we helped save their basement:

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