Fall Humidity Making Your Basement a Damp Mess?

Fall Temperatures in the NJ, PA, and DE Areas Can Create a Damp, Moldy Mess In Your Basement or Crawl Space

Humidity usually leads to dampness in the basement, which also brings mold and mildew.

But, what most don’t know is that even when it does cool off, as it did a few weeks ago, humidity levels can still be high. One night in late September the temperature at night was in the upper 40’s.


Fall humidity leads to basement mold growth

Fall humidity leads to a damp basement and mold growth.

But, the humidity was 91%!

This is continuing on into November, and even in the winter. Remember, when it snows in this area, the humidity is high. This can really do a number on your basement or crawl space.

  • Yes, even in the fall and winter, your basement isn’t completely safe from humidity’s reach.


Because the humidity combines with the rains in the fall and snow in the winter, and overwhelms the inside of the basement and the outside, by saturating the dirt around the foundation of your house.


This puts a lot of pressure on the outside-walls of the foundation & cellar.

  • This pressure builds and leads to the the walls giving away just enough to crack a bit.
  • Water can then penetrate the cement and cause dampness and mold growth


When your basement is wet and moldy, you have a problem.

First thing you should do is consult a professional. We can help you detect mold and mildew growth (often, they can be hidden and not out in the open), and determine the extent of the water damage.


  • In the early stages, this problem can be easy to fix and manage. And, if done correctly, you won’t have dampness problems in the future.
  • Also, if the mold is properly killed (by remediation), it won’t return every time it rains, snows or is a little humid.
  • If the problem or damage to the cellar is extensive, do not try to fix it yourself. This is a complex problem and isn’t repaired with a bucket of 30-dollar waterproofing slime-paint!
  • Let us help you…we can assess the potential damage for free and provide you with a 100% totally free, no-pressure consultation.


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