Exterior Water Management West Chester PA

Excess Exterior Water Leads to Basement and Foundation Damages in West Chester

If Your Yard Holds Too Much Water When It Rains or Snows, Your Home Is In Danger


Water, whether from rain, snow, irrigation or even a burst pipe in your yard can become an extremely destructive force. It literally can eat away at your home’s foundation, causing massive damages that are expensive to fix. In the West Chester area, these problems are much too common.

In fact, foundation repairs in the area are way up from just 10 years ago.


What Causes The Problem?

Too much water on your property is deadly for your home’s foundation. When an excess of water meets a yard with poor drainage, disaster strikes.

The water and soil mix, the ground expands and contracts as the temperatures change, and this puts a tremendous amount of strain on your foundation. Cracks develop, followed by leaks. The longer these problems go on, the bigger and more destructive the cracks become.


This is why so many homes in the West Chester area have flooded basements when the weather turns wet.


If something as simple as water can cause so much damage, what can you do to protect your home?


Exterior Water Management West Chester PA Area

What is an exterior water management system?

It is a way to make sure that rain and snow don’t cause these problems by draining the excess water and moving it away from the ground around your home by:


  • Installing advanced drainage systems. This is key! To get the water away from your home, it has to have a place to go. Our drainage systems get the water out and channel it safely away from your foundation.
  • Drains are put in the yard, driveway, and if needed, in your basement or crawl space. This protects your home because it allows for drainage in the areas where it matters most.


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