Emergency Basement Waterproofing Review

Dampness, Mold, or Flooding in Your Basement?


When rain storms hit the NJ area, they can cause extensive flooding and mold growth in your basement. When mold takes root, it must be removed immediately. 

Flooding also calls for an emergency basement waterproofing. The longer water sits in your cellar, the higher the chances of:

  • Damage to your basement walls, floor
  • Cracks and wearing of your home’s foundation
  • Toxic black mold growth


It’s Not Always Rain: A Burst Pipe Floods a NJ Basement

When a hot water pipe burst in Ethel Onofretti’s basement, the area flooded and mold began to quickly grow and spread. 

Her daughter made an emergency call to BWS, and we were able to get to her home and quickly fix the problem. Here’s what she had to say about her emergency basement waterproofing and mold removal experience:
Dr. Mr. Klinger,

I am writing to inform you of my experience with Basement Waterproofing Specialists. 

My mom had a disaster in her basement. A broken hot water he water hose led to an infestation of mold! I found your company in the yellow pages and made the call. The young lady I spoke to was kind and helpful and immediately scheduled an appointment for the next day. 

The following day I had the pleasure of meeting one of your inspectors. After thoroughly reviewing the situation, he informed me work should start immediately, as this was an emergency situation. He explained all the work in detail, made several phone calls and stayed until my mother was calm and fully satisfied. 

Basement mold and flooding


Work began the next day and was completed three days later. Your workers were thorough, neat, and clean up was spectacular! I couldn’t believe the difference when the work was done~

I would recommend your company and your workers to everyone Integrity and honest mean more than cost! 

Thank you again. Please extend my thanks to all involved. 


Yours Truly,

Linda Fochesato (Daughter) and Ethel Onofrietti


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