Does Your Crawl Space Flood During Rain Storms?

Is your crawl space flooding every time it rains, even if it’s only a quick shower?


Do you notice a humid, musty, damp feeling in your crawl space?

Do you see mold, mildew, or wet spots on the walls or floor?

If so, your home is in dire need of a waterproofing and drainage system.


Why a Drainage System?

Most of the problems that occur with flooding in your crawl space (or basement) has to do with the way your yard handles excess water (from rain, snow, or irrigation). If water is not drained fully, it will sit in the ground around your home.

That same water causes the soil to expand (especially if your home, like most in the U.S., is built on clay or gravel).

Pressure in the soil means bad things for your home’s foundation, crawl space or basement. That pressure leans into the walls or foundation, causing tiny cracks. Well, they start out tiny before spreading, growing, and causing major damage. But, even when the cracks are small, water from the ground can push it’s way into your foundation walls. It will sit there, slowly weakening the cinder blocks or cement.

Soon after, you’ll see water coming in through the walls, floor, or around windows and doors.

We can help your home avoid a future crawl space flood:

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