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Can a $35 Bucket of Waterproofing Paint Really Save Your Basement from Flooding and Mold?


Many in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crowd would have you believe that you can keep your basement, crawl space, and foundation free from cracks, leaks, mold, and flooding with a simple bucket of waterproofing paint.

Try it and you’ll see why DIY should stand for Destroy-It-Yourself…

A $35 Bucket of Problems

The theory behind these paints/sprays is that they’ll seal the basement wall, preventing seepage of water and moisture. Some even claim it’ll stop the walls from cracking.

Basement waterproofing in Pottstown PAHowever, this is dangerously wrong.

  • If there is water getting into your basement, it’s starting outside the home. Water gets in from the outside of the basement wall.
  • It pushes itself inside, weakens the cement or stone, then begins to penetrate the inside walls.


What the waterproofing paint does is create a membrane on the inside wall.

Hazardous mold will now grow.

It will also hide the symptoms of the bigger problem (pressure on the walls from the ground around your home).


Before you know it, your foundation is cracked, your basement is flooding and you have a huge, expensive repair on your hands.


How to Avoid Letting Waterproofing Paint Ruin Your Home’s Basement or Crawl Space

  • First, skip the cheap paints.

They’ll make the problem worse.

Second, if you have cracks and are getting water in the basement, you’ll need to have a professional look at it to figure out where the problem is. We’ll be able to tell you where your problem is originating.


Is this more “expensive” than a cheap bucket of paint?



Because that $35 quickly turns into 35,000+ if you ignore the problem and put a band-aid on the problem.


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