Does Mold Effect Your Home’s Air Quality? 1

Could Mold in Your Basement Be Destroying Your Home’s Air Quality…and Your Health?


Did you know that only an inch of rain on your yard is equal to thousands of gallons of water?

During a heavy rain storm, you can get well over an inch of rain, sometimes as much as three or four. When it snows, and the eastern PA area is blasted with a few feet of snow, your yard can be overwhelmed with water. All that snow melts, and that means that tens of thousands of gallons of water is dumped onto your yard.

Why is Water Bad for Your Home?

Water and moisture can be health and home killers. 

Woman standing in flooded basementRain, humidity, high temperatures, heavy snow…even just every day activities like bathing produce humidity and moisture.

In your basement, crawl space, attic, and even in your bathrooms and kitchen, water and moisture combine to cause mold growth.

In the basement and attic, they are especially dangerous. This is why most homes have basement drainage, sump pumps, and are waterproofed.




How Water Can Destroy Your Basement, Crawl Space, and Foundation

Excess water can, among other things,


  • Destroy and rot wood and dry wall
  • Rot and destroy flooring and walls


And, worst of all, moisture loves to find dark, humid places where it attracts mold.

Mold remediationOnce mold starts growing, it is tough to stop…and it only takes one small, damp spot for it to get going.

After this, it will give off reproductive spores which get into your home’s air. They will travel and land on any surface, seeking out more damp, moist spots.

Have you ever left a glass of water out over night and noticed that mold was starting to grow, ever so slightly, on the surface of the water? That’s how fast it can spread and is just small sampling of what is going on elsewhere in your home.


  • Plus, when the problem is in the attic or basement, the air from those areas will circulate throughout your house, bringing mold spores with it.


  • This is how a small patch of mold in the basement can quickly spread into every room in your home without warning…often it finds its way inside of your walls, living on the drywall and making your family sick.


How to Fix the Problem

To stop mold from polluting and ruining your home’s air quality, you must control moisture!

This is easier said than done, however, and will require a professional to make sure it’s done correctly. Having your air quality tested regularly is highly recommended.


Here’s how we can help you:


  • We seal your crawl space, basement and attic so that water and moisture can not get in and cause mold growth
  • We destroy the mold that’s already in your home
  • More importantly, we kill the mold spores that are already in your home’s air (this is key to keeping mold out, if this isn’t done, it will return over and over again)
  • You get a Free Estimate on your mold removal and air quality improvement project


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