Do You Need Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster PA? 4

2 Ways Waterproofing Can Save the Basement and Foundation of Your Lancaster, PA Home…


And how it can make you a bunch of money...


Lancaster is knowing for its pastoral beauty. The farm lands and old homes make for a beautiful scene.

But, those old homes and farms can lead to huge headaches for home owners with foundation problems and water problems in their basements.


If you live in Lancaster and the surrounding area, here are two reasons you should waterproof your basement:


  1. Excess Rain and Run Off Water Destroy Your Foundation


Many of the homes in the Lancaster area have stone foundations. These can be tricky to fix once cracks begin to show up in the walls.


In fact, most companies won’t even repair a stone foundation.


We will.

  • We are the region’s experts in fixing old style stone, brick and poured concrete foundations.


When too much rain or, as we’ve seen this winter, snow overwhelm the ground around your home, the foundation, especially stone, can develop cracks and leaks.


Once this happens, cracks grow and spread and can cause your home to sink and your foundation to be destroyed.


     2. Better Drainage = No Mold or Water Problems


Recently we had to help fix a basement in the heart of Lancaster. It’s an older home and some leaks and dampness were setting in.


Mold was starting to grow and spread, but, since the home was older, other basement services companies wouldn’t work on the home.


Step Foundation Crack

Step Crack int he Foundation

We helped the home owner by putting in modern drainage systems and diverting the water that was wrecking the basement away from the home where it can’t do damage.


This got the water out of the basement walls, we killed the mold and it’s spores and the home and it’s foundation was strong and damage-free.


And, all of this helps boost your home’s value.


  • In an area like Lancaster, where potential buyers associate the older homes with foundation and water problems, getting your basement waterproofed can increase value and set your home apart from the rest of the pack…


…a huge advantage in an ever-tight housing market.


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