Dehumidifying Your Crawl Space

Dehumidifying Your Crawl Space Can Save your Home…and your Health

Is your crawl space damp, musty, or almost always wet?


Most are. In fact, many crawl spaces routinely flood whenever it rains, and cause multiple problems. Many homeowners, unfortunately, think that moisture, flooding, and wetness in their crawl space is normal…

Did you know that this is actually harmful to your home (the foundation will be weakened and structural problems are caused) and your health (mold grows in damp crawl spaces and they attract bugs and rodents…all of which harm your health)


Why Do Crawl Spaces Become Damp?

Your crawl space will get wet because water is getting in when it rains, snows or when your yard is soaked from watering your grass too much or too often. Poor drainage in your yard is also a huge factor.


While many “experts” suggest simply running a dehumidifier down there, this is not the answer.

Yes, it will need to be dehumidified, but, this comes after you fix the cause of the water problems.

 After Encapsulating, You Can Add a Powerful Dehumidifier

After your water issues are dealt with, then we can help you zap any extra moisture.

Remember, it’s not just your crawl space that you are dehumidifying. The air down there will eventually rise, ending up in your main home. It is much healthier to send that air into your home nice and dry, rather than wet and full of allergens and other toxic substances.


  • Depending on the size of your crawl space, you will need to carefully choose the type of dehumidifier you install. We can help you choose the best model for your home.
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