How Dangerous is Black Mold? 1

It’s become common knowledge that hold is harmful to your health. It’s really damaging to pets and children, in particular, because they are smaller and less able to fight off the effects of mold.

But, even still, many home owners ignore the problem. Some have lived with mold in their basements, attics, crawl spaces or bathrooms for years…and often complain of lingering, never-ending allergy symptoms, recurring colds and even problems as serious as emphysema.

What’s worse is that now, more than ever, the much more harmful and sinister Black Mold is growing in homes and office buildings in the Philadelphia area.


  • A few schools in new jersey were shut down temporarily because of black mold infestation. There are even cases where Center for Disease Control officials believe that the mold may have contributed to an “autism cluster.”


If you’re unsure if your home has black mold or if you have any of the signs of mold exposure, please watch this short video:

Scary stuff, eh?


Well, don’t worry, because our patented system can kill mold (black and other types) and keep it out of your home forever.

That’s key…because mold “online remedies” for killing mold are just quick, temporary fixes that will have mold and mildew returning over and over.


  • As long as moisture exists, mold can live, reproduce and spread.


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