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Will Waterproofing Your Crawl Space Really Help Your West Chester Home?

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Dampness, flooding, mold, and cracked walls tend to be associated with basements, but, these problems can actually hit your crawl space even harder. The area is much smaller than a basement, is not always closed (as a basement would be), and doesn’t have the same structural strength as a basement.

Water can get inside of your basement walls from excess rain water, melted snow, or just watering your lawn. If your yard has less than perfect drainage, the ground gets saturated and expands. This puts pressure on the walls of your crawl space, causing cracks. Even a small, hairline crack will allow water to get inside the walls of your crawl space.

Over time, that water weakens the walls and starts to weep and seep through the inside. This is why your crawl space is damp and floods during rain storms.


Health Risks of Basement Mold and Flooding

The bad odor, usually described as “musty,” is actually mold, mildew and the waste products of rodents, insects and other wild life. This situation creates a terrarium environment under your home. It attracts spiders, snakes and bugs. In the West Chester area, these problems are very common.

And, worse yet, it is a perfect breeding ground for mold.


Mold Health Effects

Some of the many ways that mold in your home can effect your health.

Mold is extremely dangerous. When it grows, it produces tiny spores that get into the air of your crawl space, and because the air in your home can be cycled through the area, those spores end up in your home’s air.

  • Your family breathes them in and it causes a slew of health issues, including flu like symptoms, skin allergies, itchy eyes, migraine headaches and can even be lethal to children, small pets and the elderly.


Crawl Space Waterproofing West Chester PA

How we can help your home:


  • Waterproof your crawl space so that water can no longer get inside and cause damage
  • Dry your crawl space and keep it dry
  • Remove mold and make sure it doesn’t come back and continue to hurt your family
  • Improve drainage and fix structural problems
  • You get a Free Inspection and Estimate an Financing is Available


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