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Fast, efficient, clean, and thorough I paid $15,810.00 for everything that includes – I did a complete crawl space encapsulation; 134 linear feet of pipe around the crawl space with three filters, level #7 system with triple filter, (a strip filter, a pipe filter, and a cloth filter – that helps manage and channel water).

They did negative air and containment of the work area and hallway, sealed pit with a lid and install a half horse power sump pump with new discharge. And 40/80 of mold spray to all the walls and ceiling.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Review

Installed a 20 mil / white liner vapor barrier on the walls, floors, and vents for 1430 sq. ft., and they installed 70 ft. of 4 inch solid exterior pipe to the curb plus 2 dls tie ins and pump tie in.

They cleaned / hauled away all job debris. They aim to please customer. – Heidi L, Medford NJ


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