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How to Convert Your Crawl Space Into a Full Basement in Harrisburg


Thinking of ditching your crawl space and upgrading to a crawl-space-conversion-harrisburg-pabasement? We can help…

We were recently called out to Harrisburg to help a home owner turn that cramped space into a full sized, livable basement.


How Did We Do It?

  • First, know that if your home sits on a crawl space or even just a concrete slab, we can dig it out and make you basement.
  • It can be the size of your choosing. We do them from 5, 6, 7, even 8’+ high and they can be the size of the entire house.


The home in Harrisburg sat atop of a very small crawl space. The home owner was tired of having almost no storage area, and, the space often got moldy and would cause water damage to the floor above.


  • We had our structural engineer plan out the space.
  • We then dug out the area under the home to a depth of 7-feet, and the width and length of the entire home.
  • Next, drainage systems were put in place so the new basement will remain dry and water damage free
  • Then, the floor is made with concrete, followed by the walls, which in this case were cinder block (you can also do poured concrete or stone walls)


finished-basement-philadelphia-homeWithin a very short time, gone was the moldy crawl space and in was a beautiful new basement, which we then finished and helped remodel.


The result is a huge new basement that serves as a great living and storage space and can be used for entertaining and simply relaxing in what is essentially a whole new floor on your home.


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If you already have a basement and would like to learn how to have waterproofing done, please click here.




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