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Think Converting Your Crawl Space to a Full Basement is Too Difficult or Too Expensive? Residents of New Castle and Wilmington DE, Read On…


We are thrilled to be able to now bring our crawl space conversion to basement (sometimes called a crawl space dig out or basement addition) to you in the Wilmington and New Castle Delaware areas.


How Can We Convert Your Crawl Space?


crawl-space-conversion-basement-wilmingtonNot long ago, turning a crawl space into a basement took a lot of time, effort and money to pull off.


The amount of digging alone made the job difficult to do.


And, unfortunately, many home owners attempted to do this alone and ruined their new basement and their home.

Even contractors had a hard time doing this job.


But, we have refined the process and our special method of doing this project make it cost effective and effortless on your part!


  • We start by digging out the area under your crawl space (this can be done to a depth from 4 – 10 feet)
  • Our engineers will plan out the depth and length of the new basement and make sure it’s structurally sound (a good design means no foundation or flooring problems in the rest of your home)
  • We then pour your new floor and begin to build the walls of your new basement (the foundation can be whichever material you choose: stone, concrete, block, brick, etc)
  • We can then add outside entrances and stairways
  • Your new basement will be waterproofed (this prevents water problems and cracking in the foundation)
  • If you want your new basement finished, we’ll be able to do that for you (you can also add rooms like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room)
  • You get a Free Estimate and 0% Financing (we strive to keep your conversion cost effective; financing will help you spread the investment out over time)




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We offer our crawl space conversion services to residents of DE, including those in Wilmington, New Castle, Glasgow, Bear, Dover, and Newark.




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