Crawl Space Conversion to Basement Philadelphia PA

Want to Change Your Crawl Space to a Full Basement in Your Philadelphia Area Home?


We can help…and it’s a lot more cost effective than you might thing…

Most of the houses in the Philadelphia area are lacking in space. Whether its a 3 story with small rooms or a smaller row home, space is often at a premium. Garages are rare and so are basements.

If you are sick of trying to cram your things into a damp, musty crawl space, it might be time to go for a conversion.


What is a Crawl Space Conversion

A conversion takes your crawl space, digs it out, and turns it into a full sized, waterproofed basement.

Your crawl space is dug out meaning that we dig down to the depth of a full basement and then pour a concrete floor. Next basement walls are put in for you; these can be poured concrete, cinder block, brick and several other options.


The new basement is waterproofed so that you won’t have the same water problems that so many Philadelphia homes get in the basement.

This is not a job to be done on your own. It takes a tremendous amount of work, and we can provide full work crews and special equipment to make the job much easier and more cost effective. And, it can be dangerous…leave it to the professionals.


Why Convert?

Basements provide you with a lot more storage space. The increase in living space is phenomenal as well. The new basement can be finished and made into bedrooms, kitchens, work out rooms, an entertainment center; anything you can dream, you can do in this new area – it literally gives your Philly home an entire new floor.

It will also boost your re-sale value. It’s not uncommon for your home’s value to leap by 25 percent or more after adding a basement.


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