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The crawl space of your King of Prussia area home is probably pretty good at collecting a great deal of junk. Between insects, rodents, mold, mildew and the many things you store in your crawl space, the area can get pretty dirty, very quickly.


Dirty crawl space.Not only does the area get dirty (and quite unhealthy), but because of it’s small size, they are difficult to clean.

And, if mold has taken root down there, being in the crawl space to clean it out can be hazardous to your health.

Breathing in mold, touching it, or it getting into your eyes/mouth/ears, even for a short time, can cause health problems, including flu-like symptoms, migraine headaches, sinus allergies and vomiting.


Prolonged exposure can cause even more serious problems.


How We Can Help You:


Don’t let the mess and mold in your crawl space get you down.
We offer full crawl space clean out services in the King of Prussia, Collegville, Pottstown, Skippack and entire Philadelphia areas.


  • Cleaning and removal of trash (Let us handle the heavy lifting and eliminate the amount of time you have to be exposed to the air in your crawl space)
  • Mold and mildew removal (Very important for your family’s health)
  • Sealing of the crawl space so that water and insects & rodents can not get in (This keeps mold from growing and stops bugs & rodents from tracking in bacteria and disease)


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