Crawl Space to Basement Conversion in West Chester PA

Thinking of Adding a Basement to Your Home by Converting Your Crawl Space?


Then check out what we did for this home owner in West Chester PA…


How Can We Change the Crawl Space Into a Basement?

This is a common question and one this home owner asked us. She had a very small, limited crawl space and she was tired of having to use spare bedrooms as storage facilities.

If you don’t have a basement, I’m sure you have the same frustration. To use a perfectly good room in the house for storing boxes feels like a waste.


But, removing the crawl space and adding a basement probably seems impossible.

Luckily, it’s not. In fact, we can do it pretty easily for you.


How We Did It


Like many West Chester homes, this one was a fairly large one-family home but built in a quasi-development and was built on west-chester-crawl-space-conversion-beforea crawl space.

Many times, to get these homes up fast, the contractors skip the more time consuming basement and put in a crawl space…Often with a dirt floor.


After speaking with the home owner on her goals for the basement (she wanted part storage area, part living area) we began to build the new basement by:


  • Digging under the home. This is how the crawl space is expanded. We dig and expand to the depth and width of a full basement. (This will vary according to what you want, i.e., do you want a basement that’s the size of the whole home? Half? Smaller? All can be accommodated)
  • Pouring a cement floor, installing footer drains and other drainage to prevent the new basement from flooding or becoming damp, ruining furniture, stored goods, and developing mold growth.
  • Building solid, water-proof walls. In this case we used cinder blocks. The walls are waterproofed as we build the basement for you so that the new room never has water problems.
  • Finishing the walls and floor. She wanted sheet rocked walls and hard wood floors, both of which we were able to do.


  • We can also give you an outside entrance either as a Bilco style door, French Door, regular door or anything else you can imagine.


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