Are Cracks in Your Basement Walls a Problem? 3

Cracks in Your Basement Walls are a Warning Sign of Foundation Damages


They started off as small, almost imperceptible cracks along the windows.

Then you noticed them stretching out and walking up the seams in the cinder blocks…

Then you probably noticed that the whole basement started to feel damp, maybe smell a little musty.

So, you bought a dehumidifier to get rid of the dampness and smell. It worked at first, but the next time it rained the problems came back with a vengeance.


What happened?


Basically, you put a band-aid on what is fast becoming a broken dam… (Foundation problems? Email Us and We’ll Help You)


Are Cracks in Your Basement Walls a Serious Problem?


Just like in the example above, those small cracks spread and get bigger, fast. And, you’re only seeing the proverbial tip of the iceberg.


  • The real damage can be seen on the other side of the wall, the side that is buried by dirt on the outside of your basement’s foundation.
  • If you neglect the cracks you see, you can rest assured that the ones on the outer walls are growing, allowing more water into the walls and spreading the problem.


In the Philadelphia area, news reports are thick with stories of home’s collapsing. Disrepair in the foundation or basement is usually the cause.



  • Soon, the walls begin to crack more and more and then they bow-in. This indicates a huge problem…a problem that, if left unfixed, will become a very expensive problem.


Get your foundation’s cracks fixed immediately by a professional. Many DIY sites incorrectly recommend putting some plaster up to patch the crack…but this does absolutely nothing to fix the actual problem!

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