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Have a Cracked Foundation or a Wet Basement?


We can help fix your foundation in the Collegeville and King of Prussia PA Areas. Here’s how:

Homes in the Philadelphia, NJ, Delaware areas, along with much of the North East, all face a similar problem: cracked, leaky foundations that lead to expensive repairs.


Studies done by the Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation found that over 70% of homes in the area had leaky basements. And, a similar study showed that nearly 75% of homes had cracks in their
foundations or basement floors.

North Brunswick Foundation repair



Because the Philly area (including Collegeville and KOP) has expansive soils. This means that the soil around your home will expand when it gets cold, hot, rains or snows or there is high humidity.


Basically the problem continues all year long.


  • This expansion puts pressure on your basement and foundation, causing cracks.
  • The cracks lead the way for water to get into the basement or foundation walls (this weakens the walls and will destroy your foundation fairly quickly)
  • In many new home developments, lots are completely cleared of trees and shrubs (this is bad because trees and shrubs help absorb moisture and water through their roots, lessening the expansion of the soil)
  • On the other hand, in the suburbs, home owners often plant trees too close to the home (now the roots because a problem because they can add to soil expansion and also grow into drainage and plumbing pipes and your foundation walls)


How We Will Fix Your Foundation



A recent foundation repair service.

The most important thing to know when it comes to keeping your home’s foundation strong and with out cracks, is that prevention is the key.


If you use preventative measures, you can save yourself a ton of money in repairs. If you get to the problem early, when the cracks are just forming, you can save money and keep your home safe.


Allowing the problem to get worse will only cost you more money for repairs. Plus, it puts your foundation at risk for serious damages.


We will help you by:


  • Installing downspouts that keep water away from your home’s foundation
  • Making sure that any sidewalks or walk ways that are close to your home slope properly so that water can not pool
  • Backfilling (if necessary): often, the way the dirt was put in around your basement can be the key in keeping your basement dry and preventing cracks. Often, contractors re-fill the dirt before the concrete has enough time to set to full strength.
  • We will re-fill the area using superior soil and waterproof the outer walls of your basement/foundation.
  • Installing drainage in the basement walls, in sidewalks, driveways, your yard or anywhere else that is necessary to keep water out of your soil.
  • Installing footer drains to keep water out of the walls
  • Offering your a Free Estimate and In-House Financing




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We can help with your foundation cracks or any other basement problems. We service the Collegeville, King of Prussia, Easton, Harrisburg, Quakertown, Lansdale, West Chester and entire Philadelphia area. We also can help home owners in NJ and Delaware.



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