Corrosive Water in Your Basement Walls (Video)


Rain Water is Highly Corrosive… When Your Yard Floods, Water Seeps Into Your Basement Walls, Causing Dangerous Damages


Are your basement walls wet?

Do you see white streaks along your cellar walls?

Does your yard flood whenever it rains heavy?

If so, your basement walls are filling with water. These are actually warning signs that your about to have major problems with your basement walls and foundation. 

Usually, your basement walls are collecting water long before these symptoms show themselves. 

How Does Water Get Into Your Basement?

Rain water seeps into the ground around your home. Unless you purposely build your home on land that was a good mix of clay, sand, and other porous soils, you’re yard holds the majority of that water. 

Most homes are built on primarily clay-heavy gravel. This soil has awful drainage. 

When rain falls, it soaks in but it can’t filter down for a while. This causes the ground around your home to swell. This swelling places a tremendous amount of pressure on your foundation and cellar walls. 

Over a short period of time, that pressure causes tiny cracks. Water doesn’t need much room to force it’s way into your walls. 

Once there, it will collect at the bottom, weakening your basement’s walls and your foundation’s structural integrity. 

Check out what we found in this basement in Oaks PA… the home owner was concerned about her basement flooding when it rained, as well as some hazardous mold growth:

Video: Draining Corrosive Water in Your Basement Walls 

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