Concrete Floor Repair Pottstown PA

Cracked or Uneven Concrete Floors in Your Pottstown PA Area Home?


Don’t let a broken floor become a huge liability issue! Broken or cracked floors cause a huge tripping and falling problem. And, they are often a sign that there is a deeper issue with the structure of your home.


Why Your Basement or Patio Floor Breaks

You might be seeing small cracks in the floor of your basement, especially coming from the corners of the room or near the drains. You can see similar damage in your patio floor, especially after rain storms.


  • The most common reason that concrete cracks is shrinkage.
  • When your basement or patio floor was poured, it was wet and thus full of water. The water makes the concrete bigger than it is once it dries. As it dries out, it shrinks and causes cracking (concrete is not very flexible)
  • In the Pottstown area, these problems are common because most of the homes here are built on hard, dense clay soils that have absolutely terrible drainage.

Combine this with the expansion and contraction of the soil under your home (caused by water from rain, snow, and irrigation that mixes with your soil and causes it to expand, putting more pressure on the floor from underneath) …and you have a recipe for some big time cracking and damage.

These cracks can become severe, leading to a tripping hazard and structural damage to your home.


Concrete Floor Repair Pottstown PA

We can help fix the concrete floors in your basement, patio or sidewalk.


  • We not only repair the cracks but also fix the reason that they happened in the first place (drainage and shrinkage)
  • If your sidewalk or driveway is damaged, we can replace the slabs and make sure they don’t crack again
  • You get a Free Estimate on all repair work and In-House Financing is Available


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We offer concrete repair (sidewalks, patios, basement, crawl space, driveways) in the Pottstown area along with Collegeville, King of Prussia, West Chester, Royersford, Kenilworth, Quakertown, Lansdale and the surrounding areas.

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