Concrete Floor Repair in Philadelphia 1

Do You Have a Cracked, Broken or Uneven Basement Floor?


Maybe the sidewalk in your front yard is broken and cracked.

Or, maybe your patio floor or steps are falling apart.

We can help! We provide concrete floor repair, sidewalk repair and cement & concrete stair case repair in the Philadelphia area, including NJ and northern Delaware.


Why Bother Fixing the Problem?

It’s just a basement floor, right?

And the patio is outside, so some cracks and pushed-up pieces of concrete are normal…right?



Step Crack in the Foundation

In addition to the horizontal cracks in the basement walls, there were also step cracks. We were able to fix them all, making the foundation strong again.

First, cracks, holes or pushed up pieces of flooring in the cellar, patio, or on the sidewalk are extremely dangerous.

Tripping and falling onto a hard floor or sidewalk is very hazardous. Serious injury can occur to you and your family.


  • And, the sidewalk actually puts strangers at risk, which makes you a target for potential lawsuits. A NJ man recently tripped and fell on a sidewalk and sued the home owner for $150,000!
  • If a delivery or repair person trips on your patio or in your basement, you are liable.
  • If a family member (especially an elderly person or a child) trips on the break in the floor, serious injury, even death, can occur!



Fix the problem, keep your family safe, and save yourself from the legal troubles…


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