Why is My Concrete Driveway Rising?

Are Some (or All) of the Slabs of Concrete in Your Driveway Rising?


When your drive way starts to rise, it can cause problems for your car and creates a safety hazard when walking. It can also be a huge pain because the slabs that are not level, often have to be broken and re-poured.


The problem will continue, and you’ll have to keep breaking and re-pouring…this is expensive and a hassle.


What Causes the Problem

  • Much like the problems that hit basement walls and floors, your concrete driveway rises because of water in the ground. It freezes and expands, gets warm and contracts.

Check out this video to see how much water collects in your basement walls… this same type of water saturates your yard and causes damage to your home’s foundation and your driveway:

Damaged Sidewalk and driveway Repair in Doylestown PAThis will actually cause the concrete to sink and rise, sink and rise…

When the weather is cold for a long stretch of time (like the winter of 2013-2014), the driveway will rise and stay that way.

This can ┬ádamage to your car’s tires and can easily be tripped over when walking.

Most concrete contractors try to fix the problem by simply putting re-bar into the concrete. But, this is a band-aid. It does nothing to address the reason the problem happened in the first place.


How We Can Help You


  • First, we will put in better drainage in your yard and driveway.
  • When you remove an excess of water, there is very little left to freeze and expand. This is key!
  • Once better drainage is put into the driveway and yard, then the damaged sections can be replaced (along with the re-bar for extra strength)

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