Common Concrete Foundation Problems and How to Fix Them

Is Your Home’s Cement or Concrete Foundation Experiencing Any of These Problems?


Freezing Problems and Cracks

When was your house built? 

If you’re in the NJ, DE or PA areas and it was built in fall or winter, there is a very good chance that your foundation got off to a very bad start.

When the home builder pours the concrete in cold weather, the cement can actually freeze. This weakens it permanently and will lead to structural problems down the road.



Yard drains to prevent flooding

This trench shows just how much water can collect just under the surface in your yard, leading to an unhealthy situation for your backyard and potential flooding in your basement.

It doesn’t matter if your home is new or old, the foundation can sink. This happens quite often on the Jersey shore or in towns in PA and DE that are near rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.

This problem is also common because of the heavy rain storms that hit the area in the summer along with the sometimes-huge snow falls that come our way in winter. Combine this with soil that has poor drainage (most homes in this area are built on gravel and clay) and poor exterior drainage systems in most homes and you have wet, soggy yards that cause your foundation to slowly sink into the ground.

Fixing this problem can be a big job and should not be attempted alone. We can help you fix it: 800-700-9171



Poor drainage, too much water in your yard and the “settling” and sinking that goes on with your home can cause cracks to form in your foundation. These cracks can often be a sign of much larger problems.

Cracks also let water into your basement, causing more structural damage, mold growth and flooding.

We Can Repair Your Cement Foundation, Fast

If your home’s foundation is sinking, cracking or your basement is getting wet, we can help you solve your concrete foundation problems:


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