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Harrisburg PA Residents: Has The Cement In Your Home’s Foundation Started to Crack, Leak, Or Crumble?

These are signs of a potentially serious problem. An inexpensive repair could head off a much more serious (and expensive) issue. This type of problem is common in the Harrisburg area. Many home’s were built on cement foundations surrounded by gravel and clay soils. This is a recipe for disaster.

Here’s how we can help you:

Foundation repairs in NJ, PA and DE

Foundation repair on this PA area home.

What Happened to Your Home’s Foundation?

Cement is strong. Nothing could possible break it down and cause it to crack, right?

Actually, cement is strong, but, the cement that makes up your foundation is literally supporting the entire weight of your home. That is a lot of pressure to stand up to. Over the years, “settling” occurs and puts more pressure on the walls.

But, there are bigger problems effecting your foundation.

As mentioned earlier, clay and gravel soil can have a really bad effect on your foundation. These types of soil have really poor drainage. So, when it rains, snows or your water your lawn, the water seeps into your yard but can’t go anywhere.

Bowing foudnation wall repair

Bowing wall in Harrisburg.

  • This makes the ground swell up, putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your foundation walls and the floor of your basement or crawl space.


Hairline wall and floor cracks can be the early stages of a potentially serious shifting of settling of your foundation.

Many home owners in the Harrisburg area have had cracks that haven’t opened for years, then, all of the sudden they open up, causing walls to buckle and even cave in!

Cement Foundation Repair Harrisburg PA

Once the cracks start, you can expect to have a wet, damp, moldy and weakened foundation and

Foundation repair in Harrisburg PA

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Harrisburg

basement. These problems are unhealthy and can lead to damages that can, in some cases, cause your house to be condemned.

In the best case scenario, if you wait to fix the problem you’ll be paying out tens of thousands to repair your home.

However, if you fix the problem early, you can have an inexpensive repair and your foundation will be safe from cracks, buckling and collapse.

We can help you:

  • We can fix the inside and outside of your foundation or basement walls. This is important because only fixing the inside leads to bigger problems down the road
  • No matter what your foundation problem is, we can help you fix it. We can do outside work and even replace your basement walls, if needed
  • You get a Free Inspection and Estimate and In-House Financing is available



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