Cement Foundation Repair Cherry Hill NJ

Cracks, Holes, Leaks, or Bows in the Walls of Your Home’s Cement Foundation in Cherry Hill?


Most homes in the Cherry Hill area (including Medford, Marlton, Mount Laurel, and Maple Shade) were built on cement foundations. Cement is often used by home builders because it is both economical and durable. But, even the most well built of foundations eventually have problems.

And, depending on your home’s drainage, location, and age, these problems can happen fast… and can cause major damages.

After foundation repair in Cherry Hill NJ.

After fixing the foundation of this Cherry Hill NJ Home: clean, dry wall and better drainage.

  • Cracks in the Walls or Floor
  • Bowing walls
  • Problems closing or opening windows and doors
  • Flooding, dampness, mold growth
  • Spaces forming between wall and floor or ceiling


These are the most common problems that our customers in Cherry Hill have. And, all the problems are related.

Typically, the first see cracks develop in the walls or floor of their foundation (and basement).

This is often brought on by poor drainage in your yard, around your foundation, or in your basement. If you regularly get water in your basement when it rains or snows, then you have a drainage issue and can expect foundation cracks to form.

Once they start, they need to be repaired. The will not get better on their own. In fact, they’ll only get worse, pulling apart and growing larger.

Shifting of the walls, “settling” of the foundation, and bowing all attribute to windows and doors not opening or closing, cracks, leaks, separations between the walls of your basement and the floor or ceiling.

While cement is a durable, strong material, it is no match for the pressure placed on it by water in your yard causing the soil to expand. This pressure causes tiny cracks to form on the outer walls (you won’t see them at first because they start underground), Water enters through these cracks, settles inside thew walls, and weakens your home’s foundation.


Cement Foundation Repair Cherry Hill NJ

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