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Why Your Basement and Crawl Space Get Wet When It Rains or Snows


Is your basement or crawl space flooding every time it rains?

Are you getting moisture and wetness in the cellar?

Are you smelling a musty odor any time you are in your basement?

If so, you are having water issues that need to be fixed…letting them go will only lead to extremely costly repairs and a lot of headaches.


Causes of a Wet Basement or Crawl Space

There are many causes of wet basements and crawl spaces. Sometimes it is as simple as having broken gutters, downspouts or just poor grading on your property.

However, more often than not, your home or building is affected by hydrostatic pressure.


  • The clay hole your building or home was built in was back filled…but it will still fill up with rain water, water from irrigation or melted snow
  • This water surrounds your basement and foundation before it seeps into the earth.


What is Hydrostatic Pressure

Push down on a beach ball in a swimming pool – that is a great example of hydrostatic pressure. And, this pressure is intense and unrelenting on your foundation.

Your basement likely goes down 7 – 8′ and every inch is under pressure. This pressure will push it’s way into the walls and crack them on the outside.


  • You might first notice the problem as dampness or a white powder (efflorescence)
  • Next you will see a little mold on a piece of drywall or paneling
  • Or, it can be as simple as a bad smell or a pile of dead or living bugs


How Bad Is the Problem?

In the worst cases, your foundation will be weakened to the point where it will collapse.

Other times, your foundation will crack and part of your home can sink a few inches, causing major damages to the rest of the home.

Crawl space waterproofing Harrisburg PA before and after

As you can see, this is not just “a little water in the basement!”


How We Can Help You Dry Your Basement

  • We have developed a waterproofing system that is capable of draining over 40,000-gallons in 2 hours!
  • We also have systems that are designed to just get those small puddles out of your basement, too. …and we customize your repairs to fit Your needs
  • You will get a Free Consultation to determine what the best course of action might be to fix your problem


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