Foundation Repair

Foundation repair (stone, brick, terra cotta, poured cement, concrete, and old stone) services in all of NJ, PA and DE.

North Brunswick Foundation repair 2
Do You Have a Poured Concrete Foundation That Is Cracking? Our Steel Plate Technology Can Stop the Crack and Help Fix Your Foundation   How? One of the biggest problems with having cracks in your home’s foundation, especially if it is poured concrete, is that most repair companies try to […]

Foundation Repair Using a Steel Plate

After Foundation Repair
Before and After Pictures From a Home That Needed the Foundation Repaired, and the Basement Walls Rebuilt As you can see, this home’s basement has severe damage. The foundation is cracked in three ways:  Vertically: these cracks run up and down Step Cracks: in the second picture, you can see […]

Foundation and Basement Wall Repair Before and After