Carlisle PA Basement Waterproofing Review

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Review of Our Basement Waterproofing Services in Carlisle PA

Recently we were fortunate enough to meet a new customer up in Carlisle. He had some issues with water coming into his basement and some mold issues because of persistent dampness in his cellar.

Even though the weather was freezing cold mos of this winter, the humidity was high and we had fairly heavy snow and rain falls in the area. This means dampness, leaks and even flooding. Despite the cold causing some problems, we were able to get in, finish the job and keep their basement clean, dry and free of mold.


Check out what our new friend had to say about our waterproofing service on Anglie’s List:

Carlisle PA basement waterproofing review

Angie’s List review from Carlisle PA of our Basement Waterproofing service.

Carlisle PA Basement Waterproofing

Here’s How We Can Help You With Your Wet Basement in the Carlisle Area:


  • Dry Your Basement (leaks, flooding and dampness are removed with one of our 14-levels of waterproofing system)
  • Prevent Future Damage (we waterproof your basement and put in drainage so that the leaks and flooding stop and don’t effect your home in the future)
  • Foundation Repairs (often, when your basement is leaking or wet, it means you have cracks in your home’s foundation. We can fix these so that the water problems disappear)
  • Better Drainage (Drainage in your yard, near your foundation, in your dive way and in your basement or crawl space help get rid of the excess water that causes water damages)
  • Free Estimate and Financing Available (Free Estimate available to home owners)


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We offer foundation repair, basement and crawl space waterproofing and drainage systems in the Carlisle area, all of Cumerland County PA, Philadelphia, NJ and Delaware.


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