Can You Turn Your Crawl Space Into a Basement?

Sick of Your Crawl Space? Convert It Into a Full Basement


You don’t have to suffer from the extreme lack of storage and living are that a crawl space offers you. If your home has one, you know that you can have several, persistent problems:


  • Moisture and mold growth
  • Flooding
  • Insects and rodents
  • No living space and very little (and unsafe) storage space
  • Damage to insulation, wooden ceilings and your home’s foundation


Digging Out a Crawl Space

crawl space conversion to basement

Crawl Space Conversion to Basement, Before and After plus Remodeling.

The process of converting a small crawl space into a full basement is called a dig out (or conversion). This is because the process involves literally digging out the area under your home until you reach the desired size of your new basement.

For example, if your current space is 3-feet high but you want an 8-feet tall basement, the area is dug past 8-feet, then a cement or concrete floor is added.


Crawl Space to Basement Conversion Cost

The cost will vary greatly according to:

  • The size of your new basement
  • The current condition of your crawl space
  • The type of materials you’d like for the walls and floor
  • If you’d like the new space waterproofed (highly recommended to avoid water, mold, flooding and foundation problems later)


Keep in mind that adding a basement is a great investment. It will raise your home’s value significantly.

It also provides you with three huge benefits:

1. Dramatically expanded living space

2. Makes your home much easier to sell (and for a higher price)

3. Increases your storage area


Can You Turn Your Crawl Space Into a Basement?

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