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Trying to Sell Your House in a Tight Market? Is Waterproofing Your Basement the Key?


Selling a home, even in today’s slightly-improved housing market can be tough. Competition is fierce and the power is back in the buyer’s hands. Every little thing helps when it comes to selling today.


There are many things a home owner can do to help get top dollar for their home:


  • Hiring a “Staging Expert” to make the house look picture perfect on the inside
  • Improving “Curb Appeal” by making the outside of the home look nicer
  • Following a home inspector’s recommendations to fix all of those little problems that pop up when buying/selling a home


But, most home owners miss a Huge advantage when they’re ready to sell…in fact, this is a double edged sword because doing it helps sell and not doing it makes selling so much harder.


What is this secret weapon?

Basement Waterproofing


Basement water problems like dampness, leaks, water on the walls, mold, etc, can absolutely kill your chances of selling your home even in a seller-dominant market!

As many realtors will tell you, nothing will make a buyer run
away faster than a damp, moldy basement. Buyers see dampness and it automatically says “expensive repairs!”

Simply listing a home with basement water problems just doesn’t fly anymore. During the housing bubble, buyers were looking to buy, even if the house had flaws.

Now, buyers have the ability to be much more choosey. They are looking for near-perfect. This is a huge problem if your basement is wet and moldy…


  • You can get around this problem, sell the place quickly, and increase the value, by waterproofing your basement.


Why Waterproofing?


Just look at how much water can quickly accumulate inside your basement walls. Remember, once that water begins to corrode the cement, terra cotta, brick, or cinder block of your basement walls, water will begin to seep in causing flooding and hazardous mold growth:

It does seem like a fairly large cost for a home you’re about to leave, but, it’s one of the best investments you can make if you’re looking to get maximum money for your house. 


  • Getting rid of the dampness in your cellar can help sell your house and add 25 – 30% more value to the asking price.


A waterproofed basement tells realtors and buyers that they will not have to make repairs (thus making the home more expensive than it appears to be).

Much like needing a new roof, your cellar and foundation need to be dry and damage free or you’re in for some big-ticket repairs.

However, waterproofing early will help you avoid:


Structural problems
-Cracks, holes, foundation “bowing”
Water in the foundation walls


These problems are enormous red flags for buyers. They all cost a lot of money to repair (and can be messy repairs as well).

But, drying out the basement and ridding the foundation of water will fix these problems and prevent them from returning in the future… this is why it’s such a huge deal to buyers.

Mold, especially, is a huge issue.


It is easy for anyone, even non professionals to spot mold on basement walls and floors, but did you know mold can also grow on paneling, boards and shelves?


When checking for mold in a basement, always move objects and furniture that may be hiding mold from sight. Even if you do not have mold, you may not be completely safe from health risks.

Mildew and microorganisms can also grow in a wet basement.


  • Any signs of mold will kill your chances of selling the home.
  • Remember, mold health issues are in the news more and more these days.
  • Someone looking to buy your home, especially if they have a family or pets, will dismiss your home if they see even a drop of mold.


We can help you. If you want to sell fast and get the most money possible for your home, our basement waterproofing service can help.


  • Simply call us at 800-900-9171 and we’ll get you a free estimate and consultation on fixing the water problems so you can sell your house quickly and easily.

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