Can I Turn My Crawl Space Into a Basement?

Want to Ditch Your Crawl Space and Add a Full Basement to Your Home?


If you’re sick of your crawl space, you’re not alone.

In fact, one of the most common questions we get is “Can I turn my crawl space into a basement?”


The answer is a resounding Yes!


But, you must do it correctly or you’ll ruin your home.


First, You Should Never Dig Out Your Crawl Space Alone.


Despite what the Destroy-It-Yourself (DIY) crowd tries to tell you, digging out your crawl space is dangerous. You risk real bodily harm if you try it alone.


Plus, your home’s foundation can be destroyed. Not to mention that it will cost you about 10x’s more in repairs if you DIY it rather than hiring a professions.


For more info on just how dangerous doing a conversion alone is, please Click Here

How to Add a Basement Safely and Affordably


The before and after of a conversion to a basement.

You can turn your crawl space into a basement quickly, affordably and safely.




By hiring a qualified professional.


We help you by:


  • Providing an exact estimate
  • Figuring out how to do the job in the most efficient way (we provide the structural engineer to do the job right)
  • Providing a full crew to do the digging
  • Putting pillars and jacks in place to support your home while the conversion is taking place (this is ultra important for the health of your home’s foundation)
  • Building a concrete floor and walls for your new basement
  • Adding steps from the main home to the basement
  • Adding an outside entrance
  • Finishing your new basement (Making it instantly liveable!)
  • Making the walls waterproofed (so you’ll never have to worry about getting flooded)
  • Offering you 0%, In-House Financing (make your investment easier to manage with financing)


All this can be yours. And, you can get your estimate 100% free:

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