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Rain is Usually Thought of as the Enemy of Your Basement and Foundation, But, is Snow Just as Bad?


For homes in the Philadelphia, NJ and DE areas, snow can cause serious foundation damages and flood your basement…


Most foundation problems, like cracks, holes, leaks, etc., can be traced back to problems with drainage and too much water in and around your home’s foundation. For example, after a rain storm (let’s say it rained all day and into the night), your yard is now soaked with several thousand gallons of water.

  • If this water isn’t drained properly, it will sit, sink into the ground and cause the soil to expand. This expansion causes pressure on the walls (on the outside) of your foundation and basement, causing them to crack.
  • Once cracks form, water pushes its way in, weakening the walls.
  • Then, weakened walls crack on the inside, allowing leaks, flooding, water damage and mold growth to take over your once dry cellar.

All of this leads to a huge mess in your basement.


How Can Snow Destroy Your Home’s Foundation?

How can something as innocent looking as snow cause your home’s foundation to crack?

Well, much like rain, snow will melt and get into your soil.


Basement wateprroofing to stop leaking floor.But, you also have to deal with the fact that the ground was frozen. So, when the snow does melt, usually with the help of rain in the Philadelphia region, the ground will thaw and suddenly have to deal with thousands of gallons of water.

And, you have to deal with the snow that is sitting on your roof. It melts, overwhelms your gutters and down spouts, further contributing to the amount of water in your yard.

(Snow on your roof can cause leaks in your roof, you should have a professional remove it, especially if there are more than a few inches)

If the drainage isn’t dealt with, snow can really wreck your home’s foundation and cause flooding and mold growth in your basement.


How We Can Help You

  • We can make sure that the excess water is taken care of, removed, drained and kept away from your home’s foundation
  • Your foundation will be fixed so that water can not penetrate and cause further damage
  • Your basement is dried and waterproofed on both sides (inside and out – this is key!)
  • You get a Free Estimate and Financing is Available




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