Can Mold Affect Your Brain? 4

Can Mold in Your Basement or Attic Cause Damage to Your Health?


As the media continues to expose the many dangers of mold, the severity of the problems that mold can cause is getting well known.

But, there’s an area that doctors are just beginning to explore:


  • Mold’s, especially black mold’s, effect on your brain.


More and more cases of severe brain injuries are being attributed to mold exposure. Mold’s spores get into the air of your home, you breathe them in and they get into your system.


Mold Health Effects

Some of the many ways that mold in your home can effect your health.


They can go into your lungs, heart, blood stream and even into your brain. This can cause:


  • Memory loss
  • Severe Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Death


Some medical experts are blaming mold for deaths that are not easily explained. And, ti doesn’t take much exposure to cause these problems (Pets and children are hit the hardest)

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  • We address the source of your mold problem (get rid of moisture and water, and mold can not grow)


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