Can I Dig Out My Crawl Space Alone? 1

We recently received a this question from a reader of our blog:


“I’m thinking of trying to make a basement out of my crawl space. Is it ok to dig it out myself?”

This is actually a common question. After all, who wouldn’t prefer having a big basement to a small crawl space?


But, most are scared off by what they think will be a huge cost and attempt to do the conversion by themselves…disaster usually follows shortly thereafter


Keep two things in mind when considering converting your crawl space by yourself:


  • Hiring a contractor to do the dig out is a lot cheaper than you think…and it ends up being a great investment as you’ll make your money back PLUS get a big boost in the value of your home.
  • Digging the area under your home is extremely dangerous!
  • Excavating that much area is a ton of work


crawl space dig out with plow

It’ll Take a More Than This Little Guy’s Tractor to Excavate That Crawl Space!

This is not a case of us trying to scare you into hiring us.

The reality is that it takes special equipment and experts at doing this kind of job to do it quickly, safely and economically.


Remember, when you excavate under your house, especially to the depth of a basement, you are leaving your home (at least part of it) without a foundation support. The house can collapse, resulting in foundation/structural damages and possible serious injury to you.


Also, it’s a lot of work.

The man hours alone are a killer; it’s not a job you can do in a day. And, the longer the job lingers, the longer your house stays without support. Not a good idea!


What should you do when you’re ready to add a basement?


  • Give us a call at 800-900-9171, we’ll help take you through the process and have you sitting in your new basement a lot faster than you thought possible

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