Can a Sinking Foundation Be Fixed?

 Warning Signs of a Sinking Foundation


  • The most obvious sign is seeing your house actually begin to slant to one side. You can literally see a corner of your home sink lower into the ground. This is a more extreme example, and you can usually spot trouble before it gets this bad (doing so will
    Finished basement waterproofing and sinking foundation repair

    Our crew working on the outside of a basement wall, helping repair this sinking foundation in Wilmington, DE.

    save you a ton of headaches)

  • Basement windows not shutting properly – If you notice that your windows won’t slide fully-closed, or you can’t push the window up or down to a completely close or open position, you are seeing the first signs of your foundation problems. If you can feel warm or cold air coming in, even when the window is shut, you can be sure that it is not sitting flush. This means that your foundation (basement) walls are out of line.
  • Basement egress doors won’t close – Similar to the problem with your windows, you’ll see that any doors in your cellar will not close fully, or you’ll have problems opening and closing them. They can often feel “jammed.” This is another signal that your walls are shifting.
  • Cracks in your basement walls or floor – Cracks can develop for a few reasons: pressure from the soil around your home, weakened walls from water entering through cracks on the outside of your cellar walls, and from a sinking foundation. If you see cracks develop, no matter the cause, get them fixed ASAP. They are a huge red flag that your foundation is in big trouble.

Can a Sinking Foundation Be Fixed?

Yes, you can repair y our foundation with our help. We are foundation experts, and have been helping home owners just like you in the PA, NJ, and DE areas fix their cracked, water-damaged, and sinking foundations.

We are able to help you with Rock, Poured Concrete, Cinder Block, Cement, Old Terra Cotta, Stone, and many other types of foundation.

Free Estimates available to all property owners, and Financing is Available.

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