Brick Foundation Repair King of Prussia PA

Is Your House Sitting on Brick?

Read on to find out how to fix the most common problems with brick foundations…


Problems with Brick

Many of the older homes in the King of Prussia area were built on brick. At that time, it was a great option for durability. But, Google reviews of Basement Waterproofing Specialiststhis was done when there were much fewer homes, and businesses weren’t built as close to residential areas.

The population explosion has not been goof for brick foundations. More homes means more irrigation, more back fill (cheap soil with poor drainage that home builders use to fill in the trench around your basement, crawl space, or foundation), and more drainage problems.

These things lead to poor drainage. Too much water form rain, irrigation, industrial uses, or snow, saturate the ground around our home. That creates a strong pressure that pushes against your foundation, causing cracks, and bricks to be knocked out of place.

This leads to flooding, mold growth, foundation damage, and a host of other dangerous issues.


Brick Foundation Repair King of Prussia PA

  • We specialize in brick foundation repair and can fix your home’s foundation, fast
  • If your foundation is experiencing vertical, horizontal, or step cracks, we can help you
  • Flooding? We will re-enforce your foundation so that it can stand up to pressure in the soil
  • We can also help you with your drainage, so that water problems and soil pressure are no longer a problem for your home.
  • You get a Free Estimate and Financing is available


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