Breathing Mold Can Cause Health Problems

Breathing Mold from Your Basement, Crawl Space, or Attic can Cause Severe Health Problems for Your Family


Black Mold can even be lethal to children, pets, and the elderly.

When mold finds moisture in your cellar or crawl space, it can easily reproduce and spread by shooting it’s tiny, microscopic spores into the air. These spores float along in the air in your basement, crawl space, and main living areas inside of your house, then land on other damp surfaces, causing more mold to grow.

What’s worse, those spores get into your home’s main air flow because up to 60% of the air in your home is circulated through your basement or attic. Those spores also find their way into your vents, so every time you use your air conditioner or heating system, spores are blasted into your living areas, and your family breathes them in.

Check out these quick videos.

They detail the many health problems that mold in your home can cause for your family:

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