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Noticing Cracks, Leaks or Weakened Areas in Your Cinder Block Foundation?

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Learn how steel bracing and improved drainage can help your cracked, wet, basement walls and floor…

It can start with a small crack and a trickle of water…then the next thing you know, your basement turns into a swimming pool every time it rains. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common problem, especially in the greater Philadelphia, Delaware and NJ areas.


What Causes Foundation Problems?

Improper drainage is one of the biggest causes of foundation problems. When water can’t drain from your yard, it creates a strong pressure that pushes into your foundation and causes it to crack.

The other big problem is when the ground around your home expands and contracts as the weather changes. Expansion (when the weather warms) causes even more pressure on your foundation walls, basement walls and floor. A few seasons of this and you will have a wet, leaky, cracked basement.

Cracks start along the mortar joints where the wall has been pushed in because of soil pressure. Cracks can develop vertically or horizontally. You may even have “Step” cracks, which look like they are walking up your cinder blocks as if they were stairs.


Block Foundation Repair NJ, DE and PA

Check out this quick video. It will show you how we use special steel bracing and better drainage to save your home’s foundation:


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